Why Are Parents So Strict Essay

  • Absolutely! We're strict parents!

    Children who are raised by strict parents are more respectful, intelligent, and level headed. Being a strict parent does not mean you are a child abuser. It means you care enough for your children to lead them in the right direction by enforcing certain rules to be followed. My husband and I raise our children the old fashioned way. It's how we were raised by our parents. We were never abused, but we were never given too much lead way to get out of control. We have 3 children. A 16 yr old daughter, an 11 yr old daughter, and an 8 yr old son. They ALL obey the rules we set in our home. For example: our oldest knows that she is not allowed to get her license until she's 18. That's one strict rule we enforce (which will also be enforced with her younger siblings as they get older). As well as, no dating until they're 18. Not everyone agrees with some of our rules, but they're OUR children and we will raise them the way we see fit. I can tell you this...Our children are very respectful and kind to people, as oppose to my stepsister's 4 children who have 0 rules set for them. I'd say being strict parents has worked in our favor.

  • This is slippery

    I understand what the people voting "no" are saying, and I agree. I just think strict is being taken too far. Yes it has a negative connotation especially to the point where people think of the movie Carrie, but that's not what strict has to be. Being strict only serves a few purposes: 1) demand respect (which people have to learn no matter what, and it's best to grow up knowing it from the start than to grow up freer than respect allows), 2) it demands certain rules be followed (these don't have to be tyrannical parent laws that force children into an unhealthy mindset) and 3) it demands self-control (this is also incredibly important, especially to young people who may end up becoming a nuisance to everyone they meet, especially authorities, if they don't learn self-control). So it can be a bad thing, but it's more inherently a good thing, so I say yes.

  • Kids need control.

    I think that parents should most definitely raise children in a strict way. Parents are not here to be their childrens friends. They are here to teach them right from wrong and enforce it. If you are a push-over and let your children have control, then they will probably end up in jail.

  • Harsher society, parents need to become stricter.

    Society is growing more and more competitive and it will be increasingly harder for children to become successful later on in life. A child's success will depend on how strict his or her parents are. A strict parent will allow their child(ren) to get better grades in school, and become more responsible. Children left free to roam tend to get in trouble and become "bad". Also, strict parents must discipline their children and allow them to realize their what they are doing for them in beneficial, not harmful.

  • Yes, of course!

    The bottom line is that children do appreciate it when parents take more of a role in their life and model good behavior. "Strict" has a negative connotation in our society. I do think that being too strict is can be harmful, but consistent rules need to be MADE, MODELED, AND ENFORCED, Strict parenting does not mean that your children cannot watch T.V. People are saying that parents should not be strict, but they are only looking at the extreme and outlandish end. What do you think your 6 year old will do when he comes back home? Watch T.V. or pull out his homework and make up his mind to learn? I can guarantee that he will watch T.V., especially since the T.V. constantly runs in many households. Many might say that if he really truly enjoyed what he was doing, he would choose to do the homework by himself, and parents do not need to interfere, THAT IS ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS. Not one single person in this world comes out of the womb knowing what do with their life. It is up to their parents to guide them and make sure they are going in the right direction. It is up to them to foster their interests and teach them lifelong habits. "Strict" parenting does not mean that you are abusing your child, it means that you care about them, love them, and are guiding them in the right direction.

  • Yes they should.

    Parents should raise their kids in a strict way instead of a lenient way. Too many kids now a days are getting away with everything, which is turning them into reckless and irresponsible adults. If the parents are strict on their kids, they will grow up to be much better people.

  • Why should parents be strict?

    Okay, i really dont see why this question is being asked, isn't the answer obvious? If you aren't strict with your children, you'll never have respect, if you dont teach them right from wrong, they'll be monsters. You want your children to know who is in charge, you can't let them think the "own" you. If you do, you'll have a monster. I babysit my cousins kid, and she is the biggest monster i have ever seen! You know why? Because her parent is not strict. When her mom comes to pick her up, HER child is the one telling her what to do,"Take me upstairs", "Get me a snack" and when her mom says no, All hell brakes loose. Parents need to be strict. Theres no dought about that. I've also noticed that the more strict you are the more comfortable my child is with talking to me, i listen, if i disagree with her, i tell her, and she changes it. The more strict you are, the further you child will go in life.

  • You are not your kids FRIEND.

    Kids these days have no discipline and that is mostly because their parents have no rules for them. They get to do and say what ever they want. There is no respect. It starts with the parents, they need to set some ground rules and not go back on them. I was raised by a strict single mother and I turned out perfectly fine in fact a lot better than other people my age who have no respect for others. You are helping your child more by being strict, getting them ready for the real world when they realize that they can't have or do whatever they want, they have to work for it and have respect for others in order to live a successful life. You are not bullying your child you are helping them grow.

  • Balance is good

    Kids learn to control their behavior, how to be independent, how to be responsible for their actions, and will be well behaved and flexible. Once they learn these traits, they can navigate this world with ease. Love them but do not spoil them. Only people to teach them these values are parents.

  • Parents should be strict

    Children raised by strict parents are well behaved.They are respected in the society if parents are strict with them when needed and also find time to speak with them about the mistake they did that caused the parent to get angry.Once the child is corrected they won't do that mistake again.

  • There is a question on whether parents should be strict or not, and how strict they should be. If a parent is strict, many tend to think that such parents are always unfair to their children, but these parents tend to think that the best parents are strict. This is because every parent tries to instill discipline in his or her children. By being strict, parents feel that the children will always take them seriously and, therefore, will act to the teachings of their parents. Children raised by strict parents will always respect their parents as well as other elders.

    On the other hand, children prefer that parents not be strict because their strictness causes the children frustration. Teenagers tend to challenge their parents because they are already building their self-esteem and sense of autonomy, which they feel parents interfere with. This brings about controversy between the parent and children, especially the teenagers. Teens tend to be independent and rebellious, and, therefore, make many mistakes that make their parents angry. Most parents understand that the teenage is in a delicate stage of life. They try to give them some added freedom and the responsibility that goes with it.

    It is important to instill discipline when children are young because they will grow up with strong values. Therefore, parents should be strict enough to instill values, but they should also be their children’s good friends. The friendship between parents and children should be of paramount importance because children should learn to trust their parents more than anybody else. Caring parents will never lead their children astray, and they will always lead their children on the right paths. Parents and children whose relationship is not the best will continuously have issues that are not good for the family.

    Being too strict will drive teenagers away from the parents. This will leave the teenagers unprotected because they will lack parental guidance. Teens should learn to respect their parents and listen to them because their parents have the interest of their children at their heart. If teens are not constantly corrected by their parents they may end up doing things that can lead to various risks that could affect their lives negatively.

    The attitude of parents towards their children varies from one parent to another. Although some parents abuse their children in disciplining them, other parents will simply scold their children. The type of discipline practiced by a parent depends on how the parent wants to instill values in the children.

    Discipline and punishment are not synonymous.

    They are different, and parents should avoid punishment. They should not inflict physical harm on the children. Some parents go beyond too far in attempting to correct their children’s behavior. Some discipline procedures are not legal, and parents can be jailed for harming their children. There are laws that protect the rights of children and help to ensure their safety, and no parents should break those laws. On the other hand, these laws should not influence a parent in being too lenient. This can also be harmful as the child grows into adulthood.

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