Cs304 Assignment 2 Solution Dec 2015 And Jan

CS304 GDB No 1 Fall 2017

Dear Students, Here you can read or Download CS304 - Object Oriented Programming GDB No 1 Solution and Discussion of Semester Fall 2017. GDB Due Date is 26 January, 2018. CS304 GDB Solution has been added. We are here to facilitate your learning and we do not appreciate the idea of copying or replicating solutions. Previously we shared CS304 Solved MCQs with Reference.

CS304 GDB No 1 Solution Fall 2017
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CS304 GDB No 1

Many professionals consider that, “The size of object-oriented programs is larger than procedural programs. Due to the larger size of programs, we may need more storage.”

Keeping in mind the current software and hardware market, how much this issue matter? Justify your answer / comments with logical reasons. Clear and concise comments are suggested.

Please keep the following points in mind before attempting GDB.
  • No need to write any code.
  • No GDB will be accepted via e-mail in either case.
  • Unnecessarily lengthy replies of GDB will cause in deduction of marks.
Please Note:
CS304 Graded discussion will be launched on January 25, 2018 and it will remain open for two days. You can post your comments on below mentioned topic till January 26, 2018.

CS304 GDB No 1 Solution Fall 2017

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CS304 Assignment No 02

Here is the complete assignment and Solution of CS304 Assignment No 02Spring 2017. Please discuss the ideas with fellow students about problem. CS304 Assignment Object Oriented Programming Deadline: May 19, 2017.Previously we shared : CS304 assignment No 01 Spring 2017 Solution and Discussion.
CS304 Assignment No 02 Spring 2017

Lectures Covered in CS304 Assignment :

This assignment covers Lecture No 7 to 15.

CS304 Assignment Deadline:

Your assignment must be uploaded/submitted at or before May 19, 2017.
For any query about the assignment, contact at CS304@vu.edu.pk
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CS304 Assignment No 02 Problem Statement:

In continuation of Assignment No. 1, we have the following part of class diagram showing composition relationship:

You are required to implement above class diagram (complete program) in C++ with all data members, constructors, member functions and concept (composition) given in the class diagram.
Write your code to perform the following operations in main().

See the sample output to view the messages you need to print in constructors of all classes.

CS304 Assignment Question

Please Note: Use member initialization list to initialize the composed objects.

Sample Output:

CS304 Assignment Question output


You can download CS304 Assignment Solution file from the link below:


Solution Idea:

using namespace std;
class pully
int noofteeths;
pully(int n)
cout<<"\n\nPully constructor called!";
void show()
cout<<"\n\nThe no of teeths of pully are : "<<noofteeths;
class GearBox
string transmission;
pully P1;
GearBox (string t, const pully p)
:transmission(t), P1(p)
cout<<"\n\nGearBox constructor called!";
void show()
cout<<"\n\nTransmission of vehicle : "<< transmission;
class Vehicle
string model;
string color;
GearBox g1;
Vehicle (string m, string c, const GearBox g)
: model (m),color(c), g1(g)
cout<<"\n\nVehicle constructor called!";
void show()
cout<<"\n\nModelof vehicle : "<<model;
cout<<"\n\nColor of vehicle : "<<color;
pully p(20);
GearBox g("Manual", p);
Vehicle V("Honda Toyota", "Black", g);


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