Overpaid Athletes Essay Conclusion Structure

Alex Rodriguez is one of the highest paid professional athletes out there. He makes 33,000,000 million dollars every season for ten years. This is an outrageous amount money. What could one do with all of this money? Should professional athletes be paid millions of dollars? Do they really deserve this money? Going to a Sox game is not so affordable for the middle class family. Our society has made it so that these games are so expensive and only affordable for the upper-class to attend. A surgeon who saves lives every day, on average, makes about 250,000 thousand dollars every year according to payscale.com. It seems that society is willing to pay more for a sports game or type of entertainment, than pay for their own health-care. Professional athletes are paid according to what the public can afford to pay. However, according to hubpages.com, the coach has more say in an athlete’s worth than the fans. “Professional Athlete’s” salaries should be forced down either through or through new corporate policies.

If you had a choice to see the opening baseball game for the Red Sox at Fenway or go to the doctors or dentist, you are most likely to pick the baseball game. You are especially not likely to attend the appointment with the doctor or dentist if you are afraid of them. Other people choose the game because they want to talk with their friends and have a couple of drinks. Because people are willing to pay the outrageous price for a ticket, food and beverages, the salaries of the pro-athletes will continue to stay at astronomic amounts of money. According to hardballtimes.com, fifty years ago, the average salary of a pro-baseball player was about $6,000 for every new contract signed. Today, the average salary of a baseball player is $3,297,828. The salaries have increased almost 550 times as much.
At Fenway, a decent seat goes for 85 dollars. Most foods are around $10.00. Beverages are anywhere from 4-5 dollars. One beer is about 8 dollars. Multiply everything, except the beer, by four. Let’s say that Dad is the only one buying a beer. For an average family of four to attend a Sox game, buying food and drinks, it would cost about $500 including admission, food and beverages. If children wanted souvenirs, then you would add about $20. So the four hours would cost you on average $520. Attending one game is more than the weekly salary of a cashier at McDonalds. Citizens of the middle and working class cannot afford to pay this amount of money in one day. The only people that can afford to attend these games are the upper- class. Our society is making professional sports a type of rich entertainment. Without the rich, there would be no salaries in the millions for the pro- athletes.

Professional athletes as well as doctors are very determined to complete their job to the best of their ability. They try hard every day, whether it’s showing up for practice, or going to a class to receive a higher degree. Sometimes they perform well in a game, or for a surgeon, an operation. They can have their off days, but it does not affect what they are going to be paid. However, if a doctor makes a mistake during surgery, they will still be paid, but they will be sued, so their salary is a no-factor. Whereas when a pro- athlete does not have a good game, their salary is not affected in any way, shape, or form. Doctors are under more pressure than pro-athletes to perform better because more is at stake for them.
The public should boycott paying the high price of admission to sporting events. If they stop paying the high prices for tickets, then the salaries of the pro athletes will decrease. Then it won’t seem as if the public values entertainment more than health. Also, the middle-class will be able to attend more games. They won’t have to worry about saving up just for that annual game that they love to go to. Not only should the prices for admission go down, but also for food and beverages. The cost of the two of them is ineffable at this point. To purchase a little container of nachos at Fenway, it is 4 dollars and 75 cents. The prices of admission, food and beverages all need to decrease in order for pro-athletes to have a lower and fairer salary.

Another way to lower the salaries of pro-athletes is to pay by performance. If an athlete has a great game, they should be paid a certain amount of money for that one game. For example, let’s say that Josh Beckett throws a no-hitter; he should be paid well for his great performance. Another example is Big Papi hitting 4 homeruns in one game; he worked hard and earned his good pay for that night. However, if Josh Beckett has a homerun hit off of him every inning, he should not be paid well; if paid at all. Also, if Papi does not hit all game and strikes every at-bat, he should not be paid either. If athletes were paid be performance, then their salaries would be a lot less sickening and a lot more acceptable to the public.
Professional athletes are paid based on what the public can afford to pay. If professional athletes are paid these huge salaries, then the cost of the entertainment is going to go up for the middle and working class person. Professional athletes are paid too much money. After hearing this speech, is your opinion changed about pro-athletes, or did it stay the same? Do you think pro-athletes are overpaid? If you do, then you should be willing to boycott the high prices of admission so that you eventually can enjoy a cheap Red Sox game with your family or friends.

Are Professional Athletes Overpaid? Essay

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Do you think professional athletes are overpaid? You might think they earn more than what they are worth for playing half a year, but athletes have many things which contribute to their salary. Some of these things include their earnings from endorsements, ticket sales, performance, merchandise, their social contributions, and TV ratings. Although there are many factors that contribute to their salary, professional athletes may be overpaid because as a society, we contribute to their success. So, in the end, part of the athlete’s salary comes from the people who support the sports in the first place. These are just some of the reasons why athletes are paid so much money. The controversy of athletes being overpaid dates back to 1922,…show more content…

2011. “People are more likely to pay attention to a TV commercial if one of their favorite players is talking, than they would be if the owner of the company was the star” (Miller). It is the association with the known and likeable character which may attract people to follow celebrity endorsements. It may also be the association with success which the athlete is characterizing. Whatever the case may be, Miller gives tips of what marketing companies look for before persuading a player with an endorsement:
1. The association makes sense – Do people have to read the copy or listen to the whole commercial for them to understand why the athlete is endorsing the product? If so, it may not be a good fit.
2. The athlete can be trusted – We have numerous examples of athletes that have embarrassed the companies that they endorse. The largest and most recent is Tiger, but even mom-and-pop stores need to do their due diligence before they sign an endorser. Nike could sit back and weather the storm, but smaller companies might not be able to. (Miller)
So, as long as there is a demand to fill, marketing companies will continue handing endorsements to professional athletes who therefore become overpaid. “They’re not paid for what they do; they are paid because people want to watch what they do” (Salaam). I like this quote for the reason that it is true, society endorses the attitude to pay athletes to entertain; this is just a reflection of what we value (Salaam).

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