Essay About School Uniform Should Be Banned

The stated purpose of school is to educate. The process of education, in its true sense, can only occur when the learner is not subjected to irrelevant control measures. True education does not seek to condition, institutionalize or force-by-rote; rather to nurture an ability to think critically. It would be hypocrisy to state that enforcement of rules that are in no way necessary for normal social function should co-exist with the encouragement of critical thinking skills and self-development.

Do you express yourself through the way you dress? Most students do that’s the only way some students can. Other students from other schools make fun of the school uniforms that some schools have. Which causes trouble adjusting to being an adult. Which affects a student or adult to stutter in day to day tasks.

Of course banning school uniform would be great . It allows students to express their individuality and personality so we don’t all feel like we are the same people . However , if uniforms were to be banned rules should be placed in to limit certain kind of clothing . For example , banning clothes that are too sheer . After all , this is a school and not your house you can’t just wear pajamas to school ~ it’s still a formal place to learn

Kids don’t want to have to worry about waking up every day and putting on the same boring uniform. They should be able to wear what they want. They also need their own freedom to wear what they want to, not what others make them wear. That is my argument for banning school uniforms.

If only Facebook had a dislike button, mandatory uniforms would receive the thumbs down from students all over the globe. That’s because no student likes uniforms! You can search every corner in the world and no pupil would say that he loves his uniform.

There have been numerous polls made to determine the acceptance of school uniforms, and most of them show that students are against them. Take the case of the Harford County Public School students, wherein 87.9% are in strong disfavor of the mandatory uniform system.

The parents of school children feel the same way as well. According to the Rasmussen Reports, 47% of parents are against school uniforms, compared to the 41% who are in favor of school dresses. 12% still remain undecided on the issue.

So why are uniforms despised by learners and their parents as well? There are many reasons why, and we have enumerated most of them. Let me repeat it again for those who still don’t get the drift that school uniforms are a terrible idea.

Uniforms fuel commercial interests, and they are detrimental to adult development. They affect self-image, and even attract bullying and violence.

In terms are usage, uniforms prove to be uncomfortable and costly. They can be very boring to wear and look at as well. Apart from being generally disliked, uniforms are a direct violation to the first amendment of the US Constitution. I can go on and on, but these do sum up the reasons why school uniforms are a bad idea.

Final Words

While some studies show that school uniforms have numerous benefits, there are just as many reasons why requiring students to wear them is a bad idea.

For one, it only fuels commercial interests. Companies that will benefit from the profits are actually spending a lot on marketing campaigns, as well as researches that prove uniforms to be advantageous.

Secondly, uniforms can be detrimental to adult development. Impeding one’s freedom to choose can take a toll on his transition to adult life.

Thirdly, uniforms can negatively affect a student’s self-image. Uniforms fit people differently. As in the case of girls, who think of themselves badly because their uniforms don’t fit them well.

Fourthly, uniforms actually attract bullies! The staggering results of numerous researches show that they do little to curb violence in school.

In terms of personal style, uniforms are a bad idea because they are boring. Imagine wearing the same thing over and over again – until you graduate.

Apart from being boring, uniforms are highly uncomfortable as well. Ugly fabrics and predetermined lengths can make the wearer feel uneasy, and in the end he might focus on his uniform rather than the lesson at hand.

The high cost is another reason why uniforms should be banned. Instead of simply getting free public school education, parents are forced to spend as much as $249 every year.

In terms of personal development, uniforms promote conformity rather than individuality. The homogeneity that results in this can get in the way of the student’s creativity and artistic freedom.

Most importantly, the ruling on uniforms violates the First Amendment of the US Constitution. It disregards the person’s freedom of expression, because he is not able to show his ideologies, and philosophies concerning clothing.

Last but not the least, school uniforms are a bad idea because they are generally disliked. If the students don’t like them, why should we force them to wear these garments anyway?

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