Slogans In English On Save Girl Child Essay

Educating a girl child in India is very necessary to remove various social issues against girls in the Indian society. Girls are treated as load and taker of money by the parents especially in the rural areas. Boys are given much value by the parents in India as they are understood as earner of the money and support of parents in future.

However, as we live in the 21st century and know well the value of both, boys and girls; both are equally responsible for the development and bright future of the country.

It is an urgent need to save and educate a girl child in India if we really want to be the citizen of developed country. We have provided below some unique and effective slogans on educate girl child in English which you can use according to your need and requirement during any event celebration regarding girls in the school or other places to motivate and aware people.

Following educate girl child slogans in English can help you to effectively encourage and aware a big crowd:


Educate Girl Child Slogan

Focus on education and develop the nation.


Girls education is a way to developed nation.


Books are tools of success and develop the nation.


Educate the girls and empower the nation.


Educating girls can give many powerful leaders to the country.


Educating girls in present will give sweet fruit in future.


In India! No girl child should be left behind!


Every girl has rights to learn! Educate girls.


Don’t waste time, just start educating girls!


Educate a girl child and brightens the future of country.


Good education is the base of developed nation.


Educate a girl child and give her way to be independent.


Know the way to success from good education.


Let a girl child be empowered with proper education.


Let every girl child educate to kill the demon of gender discrimination in the society.


Let gender inequality go away from the society through girls education.


Let the country be powerful through the weapon of good education.


Education is a weapon which can change the world.


Girls are the base of life, educate them and empower them!


Girls are future, let them grow and educate.


Never make a girl devoid of education, and lack of birth rights.


Education is really important to all, especially for girl child.


Educate a girl child to promote the weak section of the society.


Expand the education criteria for girls and let their brain grow.


Education is the only utility which can empower girls.


Each one teach one is the best strategy to enhance the status of girl child.


Education is the only key to empower girls.


Proper education can show a brighter path to the girls to go ahead.


Send your girl child school today and let her prepare for bright future of country tomorrow.


The future of country will be bright when we educate our boys and girls equally without discrimination.


The way we differentiate our girls from boys is the way of forcing half population of the country backward.


The reason of empowering girls even in 21st century is the existence of gender discrimination.


Why we need to empower girls as we follow gender discrimination.


Gender inequality is badly rooted in our society which forces girls to face several crimes from birth.


Girls education is necessary to remove the social demon of gender discrimination.


Girls education is key to lock the demon of gender inequality in the Indian society.


Educating girls will help in removing gender discrimination; and removal of gender discrimination will help in developing the country.


Empowering girls will empower the country and can double its present power in the future.


Girls empowerment is the key to developed country.


Educating and empowering the girls can double the power of India.


Educate a girl child and remove all the crimes against her!


Let a girl child educate and grow in a happy family environment.


Educating and empowering a girl child is the best mantra of success for India.


Failing to educate a girl child is failing to succeed, whether it is family, society or country.


The status of female in any country shows its real power all over the world.


Don’t understand a girl child a taker of money; she is always a giver in the form of daughter, sister, wife, mother, etc.


Let a girl child breathe, educate and empower in her own family and country.


A girl child has all the rights as like as a boy; let her educate and be happy.


Never behave badly with a girl child; she is a base of life, so let your life go smooth.


Give a girl child all the rights as like as a boy; educate her and empower her.


Proper education is birth rights of all the girls.


Parents, who do not give full rights to their girl child, don’t have hand in the success of India.


A girl child understand herself more responsible what she has been educated for than a boy child.


Educate a girl child if we really want to see our country the most developed country of the world.


Educate a girl child; she can be a best leader of the country.


Invest in girl’s education; they are worth more than diamond and platinum.


If boys are hero then girls are heroine; don’t underestimate a girl child, educate her and empower her for better future!!!


We have no idea! How much high an educated girl can fly. Let educate a girl child.


A drop of tear in the eye of a girl child is enough to destroy us! Let her educate and be happy.


If you want a good mother, sister and wife, then start educating a girl child.


If you want good citizens in the country in future, start educating all the girl child.


Educate a girl child as she is butterfly and can spread aromatic fragrance in the life.


Girl child is a source of joy however we are focusing only on the boy! Is this right? Let’s both educate and grow equally.


Never understand a girl as a load and weakness, let her be your power. Educate her!


A girl is a complete entity; save her and educate her by stopping all the exploitation.


Girls are great and spirit of the nation! Let them grow through proper education.


End of girls indicates end of life! If you want your life, start saving and educating girls.


Educating a girl in present can be a miracle in future.


A girl is source of happy life, why we restrict her from education.


Think out of the box and imagine what will happen if we educate each and every girl child.


You want everything for your boy only, but why you don’t think that a boy has taken birth from a girl. Save a girl and educate a girl!


Save and educate a girl child to make future bright.


A girl has to play many roles in her life; let her educate to perform in better way.


Let a girl be your power and not the weakness. Educate her!


You are making a person rich by educating a boy, however; you are making a family rich by educating a girl.

Save the Girl Child

“Save the Girl Child” is a social initiative in India to fight against the practice of female foeticide. The initiative also aims are protecting, safeguarding, supporting, and educating the girl child.

Our present Prime Minister has requested every section of the society to give whole-hearted support to theBeti Bachao, Beti Padhao abhiyan (initiative). ‘Beth Bachao’ means ‘save girl child’ and ‘Beth Padhao’ means ‘educate the girl child.’

Poor households, when faced with the choice, often choose to send their male children to school instead of their female children, instead saddling female children with back-breaking household chores.

Female foeticide is both a national problem and a social evil. It’s unbelievable that the urge for a boy-child makes them so cruel that they dare to kill the yet to be born. As such it is crucial to step in and save the female children.

Causes of female foeticide

Various scholars have suggested different possible causes for the problem of female foeticide.

1. Low position of women: Women have been subjected to injustice since ages. Some people feel that the birth of girl child may lower their status in the society. There is an extreme desire for boy-child among some sections of our society.

2. Extreme poverty: People who live in extreme poor condition often think that the girl child would cause more economic hardship to them. The social evil of dowry system further worsens the situation. Some people think that they will to have to arrange for huge dowry for her marriage.

3. Illiteracy: Illiteracy is the leading of all social evils. Illiterate people are ignorant people, and not able to judge their actions in the right perspective.

4. Dowry system: Dowry system refers to the custom of paying money and other valuables to the groom’s family at the time of marriage. This tradition was probably introduced to give financial assistance to the newly wed couple. However, often, it is seen that the greedy family members of the groom’s family demand huge amount of money at the time of marriage. Dowry is viewed as a huge burden by the parents of the girl-child. (Please note that dowry is prohibited by law in India. )

How to save girl child?

1. Women empowerment: The women need to be empowered. A woman has every right to give birth to a baby. The girl child is a blessing of God. Just give her a chance, and she will make you proud with her achievements.

2. Awareness: Every citizen of civilized society should be made aware of the fact that a girl child is as important as a boy child. If she gets the right opportunity, she can provide economic support to the family and help them to come out of poverty level.

3. Education: Education raises the consciousness of a person. The mental pattern in favor of society should be transformed. This is the time for historic changes in the society. (Also read about women education here.)

4. Love, respect, and equality: Girls, just like their counterparts, deserves true freedom and equality. All children, girls and boys equally, deserve to be treated with love and respect. When we truly treat someone with love, we respect their autonomy and help them to achieve the very best that they can.

How to save girl child after her birth?

The girl child is not only unsafe inside her mother’s womb. Even after her birth, she has to face various hardships because of gender inequality. We must save the girl child after her birth as well. There is something that all of us can do to help girls all over the world.

  1. We all agree that girls’ education is very important. The girls should get a safe and comfortable environment at schools.
  2. The girl should get equal access to the educational resources of the school.
  3. There should be separate toilets for girl-children at schools.
  4. There is need for a shift in mental attitude in favor of equality between boys and girls.
  5. The belief that only a male-child can support the parents during the old age doesn’t hold true in today’s context. A girl can take care and support her family as well.
  6. The family members of the girl child should come forward to protect her rights, both within and outside her home.
  7. We can reach out to girls in our community and help them with their needs.
  8. The physical abuse and harassment of girl child should be dealt strictly. The guilty should be punished as per the law.
  9. Dowry stem should be effectively discouraged through media campaigns. Emphasis should be made to impart moral education to put an end to this evil system.
  10. Doctors and other medical professions should be encouraged to behave responsibly. They should never indulge in any mal-practices such as  prenatal sex determination.
  11. We can promote strong images of powerful, successful girls and women that will serve as role models and help to combat gender based cultural discrimination.
  12. We can also donate money to schemes that are designed to help girls, or volunteer with charitable organizations overseas.


The ‘save the child girl, educate the girl child’ initiative is actively supported by the Government, corporate groups, human rights activists and NGOS.

Under the initiative of ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’, several social organizations have come forward to build toilet at girl schools.

The corporate India, as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR),  is also earmarking funds for the welfare of school going girls.

Legal status of prenatal sex determination

According to the laws prevailing in India, the determination of prenatal sex during pregnancy is illegal and punishable by law.

It is unfortunate that people still misuse the ultrasonography (diagnostic sonography)  scan to determine the sex  of the unborn baby. There is a need for:

  1. Strict enforcement of laws relating to medical scanning.
  2. Impart moral teachings on doctors.
  3. Educate people that there is no difference between a girl and a boy child.


Save Girl Child is a phrase that ought to be very important to all of us. We still, sadly, live in a very unequal world where girls and women are discriminated against according to their gender. Girls are at greater risk of gender based violence, and also from gendered threats such as female foeticide, forced marriage, lower pay due to gender based discrimination, child pregnancy, lower education levels due to the undervaluing of female education, sexual harrassment and much more. As such, it is important to take care of girl children and to give them all of the opportunities that they need to succeed in life.

We belong to the modern generation of humanity. We seek an environment where every human-being is considered free. We seek an environment where every unborn child is welcomed without any gender bias.

Mahatma Gandhi gave the slogan of ‘do or die’ to his countrymen for the cause of their motherland. The unborn girl-child is also seeking similar spirit among the countrymen in support of her cause.

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