Sports Biography Assignment Elementary

Stockbridge Valley Central School

Physical Education Written Assignment


Careers in Sports and Physical Education


Use the following web sites to locate information regarding careers such as: Physical Education Teacher, Coach, Athletic Trainer, Exercise Physiologist, Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Marketing Director, etc.


  1. SUNY Cortland Physical Education Department Home Page:


  1. SUNY Brockport Physical Education Department Home Page: PE, Sport Management, Athletic Training, Coaching, etc.:


  1. Careers in Sports Medicine and Exercise Science:


  1. Athletic Trainer:



INTRODUCTION: Introduce and discuss (in your own words) the field of physical education and sport as a career.


BODY: Locate and discuss FIVE DIFFERENT careers and include in your report:

  • Name of the job/career
  • Description of the job
  • Duties/responsibilities
  • Education requirements (degrees, etc., certification requirements)
  • Experience needed prior to obtaining a job in this field (internships, knowledge, prior job experience, practical experience, etc.)
  • Average salary in this position


CONCLUSION: Compare and contrast the career options you chose to explore in the field of physical education/sport. Discuss the careers you would be most and least interested in and provide reasons for each.


Research Paper Directions

  1. Must be 4 – 5 pages TYPED, 12 pt. Font & double-spaced. Put your name, your teacher’s name, your period and day (odd or even) at the top of the page.
  2. Paper must include:
    1. Introduction paragraph: about the topic, in your own words
    2. Body: answering and discussing the outlined questions
    3. Conclusion: summarize main points of topic, answer and discuss outlined points.

3. Your project information sheet may list web sites for you to use to assist in writing your paper. You may also search and use any additional resources (Internet, books, magazines) you feel will help. Just remember to list them in a Works Cited on the last page.

Biography Book Project: Wax Museum

Greenfield Elementary School


Lesson Objectives

Students will select a person about whom to read and discover answers to specific questions.
Students will identify a character trait that their subject embodies.
Students will develop a report to deliver orally about their subject.
Students will create a costume to represent the person they studied
Students will memorize a brief report and deliver it to visitors to the "wax museum."

Materials Needed

Biography Cover Sheet
Biography Visitor Sheet
Biography Research Packet
Biography Presentation Rubric Sheet
List of Suggested Character Traits


Talk to the students about the types of people that are noted in history: inventors, world leaders, and athletes, for example. Say that each student is to read about the accomplishments of well-known figures and study how their character guided their decisions and affected our world.

Explain the assignment: to read a biography, then present the information in a "wax museum" format. The report will center around one character trait that influenced the person’s life. Students will pretend to be the person they read about and give a 2-4 minute report on the person's life. Students will be expected to dress up in character.

First week– Select biography from classroom/library. Your book must be a chapter book and must be teacher approved. If you would like to get a biography from the public library or book store, please make sure it is approved by the teacher by the end of the school week. (The sooner the better!)
Friday of the third week - Plan to have your book finished by this date. It will be very important to pace yourself so that you are not working on your project at the last minute.
One month since assignment given (AM)- Presentations will be given in class. Do not dress up at this point. This will give you a chance to practice in front of other people, so it is important that you are fully prepared. Your presentation will be graded today.
One month since assignment given (PM) - Presentations will take place in the media center in the afternoon (exact time will be announced soon). Parents, teachers, and students will be invited to join us. This will be the time that you will be dressed up and use your props. Be creative and have fun!

You will be given a packet to work from while you are reading. Take notes in your packet as you are reading your biography. Do not wait until the very end. If you wait until you are all done with the book, you might forget some important parts. Your packet will be graded.
Using your notes, organize your information so that you can present a detailed summary of your person's life. Remember, your speech should also focus on a positive character trait and how it guided your person’s life.
Full presentation points will be given to students who memorize their speech and meet the other presentation requirements. If you feel you need to bring notecards, you may, but you will not receive full points. Practice your presentation over and over! Practice in front of your family, friends, stuffed animals, the mirror, etc.!

Costume and Props:
You are expected to wear a costume that represents your character. We encourage you to be creative with household items rather than purchase a costume from the store. Items such as old clothes, paper bags, articles from past Halloween costumes, and construction paper can easily be transformed into a costume. Props can also be brought in to enhance your presentation. You may create a standing poster board with details about “your” life to display during the wax museum, but it is not required.


The attached rubric will be used for assessment.

Students will read a biography, then present the information learned in a “wax museum” format. The report will center around one character trait that influenced the subject’s life. Students will pretend to be the person they read about and give brief reports on the subjects’ lives. Students will be expected to dress up in character.


Greenfield Elementary School

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